What is the Best Furniture for a Conservatory?

What is the Best Furniture for a Conservatory

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If you’ve got a conservatory then no doubt you’ll want to make the most of it all year round but what is the best furniture for a conservatory?

Metal, cane and rattan conservatory furniture is best for a conservatory due to the style, durability, and the fact they deal with heat and direct sunlight better than many other furniture materials.

Whether you’re planning to use your conservatory as a seating area for family, for gatherings or just as a pleasant lounging area, choosing the best furniture needs careful consideration and planning.

Choosing the best furnishings for your conservatory needs sufficient technical considerations aside from suiting your personal tastes.

The ultimate goal is to have cosy, comfortable, airy, and well-lit interiors for your conservatory that lifts up your spirits while making it a relaxing space for you and your guests. There are specific characteristics in types of furniture that make it best for conservatories. From Fabrics, textiles, frames, etc., the materials would tell how a piece of furniture becomes the perfect conservatory furniture.

Below we’ll give you a few examples of the types of furniture you can use in your conservatory.

1) Normal Sofa with Cotton Fabric

A normal sofa can easily be used in a conservatory and for some, it’s the perfect item of furniture to help you relax and unwind.

Sofas with cotton fabrics are certainly more cushioned and softer for prolonged periods of time and you can find a whole variety of different colours, styles, and shapes to suit any sized conservatory.

The main downside of standard sofas is that they can accumulate dust over time and can also accumulate smell and odors from frequent use. You’ll also find that many fabrics will fade in the sun and the humidity of conservatories can also cause mold issues.

However, if you have a spare sofa, you may decide to utilise it in your conservatory until you decide on some more long-lasting furniture.

You can read more about using a normal sofa in our article Can You Put a Normal Sofa in a Conservatory?

2) Normal Leather Sofa

As with fabric sofas, leather sofas can be used in a conservatory, offering a pleasant place to sit back relax and unwind in comfort but there are some major drawbacks.

Although leather sofas are easy to clean, prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the leather to change colour, dry out and crack.

This leads to more maintenance being required throughout the year to ensure your sofa remains usable, however, the damage caused by sunlight is often unavoidable and unless you have a leather sofa spare, we’d suggest you choose a different option.

Leather sofas are also often big and bulky which can impact both the look and feel of a conservatory. Unless your conservatory is massive, you may wish to avoid big and bulky furniture as this can easily lead to it feeling cramped.

3) Rattan Conservatory Furniture

Rattan furniture is one of the most popular types of furniture to be used both in gardens and conservatories today.

Offering style, comfort, and practicality, rattan conservatory furniture can be bought in a variety of styles, shapes, and colours.

Although rattan may not be as durable and long-lasting as some other types of furniture the texture of this material gives a very stylish look.

One of the great things about rattan furniture is the large range of sizes and styles to choose from. There are small bistro sets for couples, two-seaters, three-seaters, armchairs and of course modern modular furniture.

Modular rattan furniture is very popular due to the fact you can clip sections together to make a seating arrangement that suits both the size of your conservatory and the size of your family.

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3) Cane Conservatory Furniture

Although they offer a more traditional look, cane furniture has been one of the most popular type of conservatory furniture for many years.

The main reason for it being so popular is due to its, durability and the fact it can withstand the direct sunlight and hot temperatures that come with a conservatory.

Easy to clean and maintain, cane furniture will last for years and if your cushions do eventually fade, you can easily find replacement cushions for most of the popular makes and models or furniture.

Aside from its durability, cane brings a certain beauty to the interior of a conservatory. With a range of cushion designs to choose from, you can easily alter your arrangement to suit your decor.

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4) Wooden Conservatory Furniture

Wooden furniture can be used in a conservatory but you may want to think twice before you do so.

Although there are some really nice armchairs and sofas available with wooden frames there are a number of things you should consider.

Some wooden furniture is better than others but the main problem with wood is that if they get very hot or are put in direct sunlight it can dry out and split.

If you can shade your furniture when not in use this will obviously help and don’t forget to oil and treat your wooden furniture every year to prolong its life.

5) Metal Framed Furniture

Whether you’ve only just built your conservatory or are wanting to update the interior of your existing conservatory, metal-framed conservatory furniture is a perfect addition.

Metal framed furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and is not affected by the warm air and sunlight produced by a conservatory.

Furniture made from metal is also very easy to clean and maintain meaning that with a swipe of a damp cloth you can be on your way.

Sleek and stylish, metal-framed furniture can also be altered with the addition of cushions of varying colours meaning you can easily change your colour style unlike some of the other furniture types available.

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What is the Best Furniture for a Conservatory?

In our opinion cane, rattan, and metal-framed furniture is best for a conservatory.

Their durability and resistance to sunlight and heat make them the perfect choice for anyone with a new conservatory or who are wishing to update the decor of an existing conservatory.

With a wide variety of styles, shapes and fabric cushions available you’re sure to be able to find something to fit your needs.

Although we’ve set out our favourites, don’t let us put you off using a traditional fabric or leather sofa. They do have some drawbacks but a normal sofa is perfect if you already have one or you aren’t too fussed about it lasting forever.

Let’s face it, it’s your conservatory and you are going to have to sit on whatever you buy for some time so make sure its comfortable and right for you!