How to Clean Cane Conservatory Furniture

How to Clean Cane Conservatory Furniture

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Although cane conservatory furniture looks lovely and is great for relaxing, it can be expensive. It’s therefore really important to prolong its life and take good care of it.

One way to do this is to keep it clean and this article will give you some hints and tips on how to clean cane conservatory furniture to ensure it lasts longer.

How to Clean Cane Conservatory Furniture

Cleaning your cane conservatory furniture regularly will prolong its life, helping it stay in good order and will prevent the need for costly repair work or even replacement.

There are some really simple things you can do on a weekly and monthly basis to keep your cane conservatory furniture looking great. Do these simple things and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

First and foremost, if you spill anything on the cushions ensure you clean them off immediately. Each week or fortnightly at the most make sure you give the cane a wipe down with a cloth and vacuum the cushions gently with the hoover, using the soft brush attachment.

Once a month try to give your cane furniture a more thorough clean as per the following step by step guide:

  1. Hoover the cushions and furniture as you normally would getting into all the cushions cracks and crevices
  2. Remove cushions from the furniture
  3. Mix together some washing up liquid and warm water
  4. Get a clean cloth damp, not too wet and then wipe down the cane
  5. Dry off with dry cloth
  6. Cushion covers can either be washed in the washing machine or can be dry cleaned depending on manufacturers instructions
  7. Do not replace cushions until furniture is completely dry

How To Remove Stains From Cane Conservatory Furniture

Cane conservatory furniture as with other types of furniture is prone to staining if you do not clean off any spillages quickly and effectively.

As soon as you spill anything onto your cane furniture you should mix up some warm water with some washing up liquid. Then using a clean cloth dip it into the water and soap mixture and gently wipe it over the affected area on your furniture.

Some spillages can be wiped off as easily as that, then just wipe with a dry cloth and leave the furniture in the sun to dry.

If the stains are more stubborn, do not soak the furniture under any circumstances as this can lead to damage. Instead, use a very weak bleach solution. If possible test it on an area that cannot be seen to ensure it does not damage the cane, underneath is a good spot to try.

Again do not soak the area in the solution, just use a cloth with a small amount on, to wipe the area before drying.

How To Clean The Mould Off Cane Conservatory Furniture

There are a number of ways to clean mould off cane conservatory furniture but the best way is to prevent mould from attacking your cane furniture in the first place. Mould spores are carried in the air and love humid atmospheres.

They become attracted to unheated walls, wet and cold areas, furniture and windows, walls and ceilings that are uninsulated.

Conservatories unfortunately by their nature are a haven for mould if care is not taken. Ideally to prevent mould you should put your cane conservatory furniture in a dry, warm, and well-ventilated position.

If you do get mould on your furniture you can take the following steps to clean the mould off your cane conservatory furniture.

  1. Mix a solution of Milton Sterilising fluid and warm water
  2. Using a clean cloth, use the moisture to scrub the affected area
  3. Dry the area with a clean, dry cloth
  4. Leave your furniture somewhere to dry

Many people recommend using a mixture of bleach, however, bleach will not necessarily kill mould. Milton sterilising fluid is much better in this instance.

How To Clean The Mould Of The Cushions On Cane Conservatory Furniture

Cane furniture cushions are a haven for mould if left untreated and uncared for. If you take the steps mentioned about the location of your furniture you can help to prevent the cushions from becoming mouldy in the first place.

If you do get mould on the cushions then there are a number of ways of trying to treat them. Most cushion covers on cane conservatory furniture are removable.

Many can also either be washed by hand, in a washing machine or dry cleaned depending upon the manufacturer’s instructions.

If washing by hand, you can use a mixture of milton sterilising fluid and warm water to wash the covers which should kill any mould spores. Otherwise, washing via the machine or by dry cleaning should do the same.

In our opinion the best way to stop mould from attacking your cane conservatory cushions is to keep them protected. By taking regular care of your furniture and cushions you can prevent any damage occurring in the first place.

You can also think about vacuum packing your cushions and leaving them in the conservatory, or by storing them elsewhere in your home. Vacuum packing the cushions will prevent the mould spores from getting to the cushions and is an ideal way to ensure they are kept safe.

You can find a great variety of vacuum bags suitable for cane furniture cushions here.