Can you Paint Cane Conservatory Furniture?

Can you Paint Cane Conservatory Furniture?

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Can you Paint Cane Conservatory Furniture?

After a few years, cane conservatory furniture can look a little tired but before you start sprucing it up you may wonder, can you paint cane conservatory furniture

You can paint cane conservatory furniture as its made from natural materials so long as you use the correct cleaning, preparation, and paints.

Painting can revitalise and rejuvenate old cane furniture to offer some new style and chic to your conservatory. Simply add some new cushions or cushion covers to the mix and you can radically alter an old conservatory suite into something that will be the envy of your street.

Gone are the days where people throw away old furniture just because they don’t like the colour. Upcycling and recycling is much more prevalent in today’s society.

How To Paint Cane Conservatory Furniture?

Painting cane conservatory furniture is a fairly simple process but you need to ensure you follow each step carefully.

If you fail to prepare and paint your cane conservatory furniture properly you may end up with something that looks worse than when you started.

Cane Furniture Preparation

Preparation with any painting job is the key to success.

  1. Gently brush the furnitutre with a soft wire brushe to remove any loose parts
  2. Repair any sections that need additional maintenance
  3. Gently sand all surfaces with light grade sand paper to create a key surface for new paint to adhere to
  4. Brush and vacuum loose dust from the surface
  5. Wash all surfaces with a sugar soap solution to remove any dust
  6. Make sure the furniture is thoroughly dry

Undercoat Your Furniture

  1. Painting should be done in a well-ventilated areawith no winds
  2. Wear appropriate safety equipment like goggles and gloves
  3. Ensure that are dust sheets laid on the ground to protect the floor
  4. Use spray paint or a brush to paint on the primer ensuring all areas are covered
  5. You should apply 2 coats of primer with plenty of drying time beween

Top Coat your Furniture

  1. Before applying any top coat ensure the furniture has had plenty of drying time
  2. Apply 2 thin coats of oil based top coat paint with plenty of drying time between
  3. Leave your furniture for at least 7 days following the top coat to allow it to be fully absorbed and dry

What is the Best Paint to Use on Cane Furniture?

The best type of paint to use on cane furniture is and oil-based spray paint. Although you do waste some paint when you use spray paint, they will provide a smooth and even finish without any brush strokes.


Finally, don’t forget that when you refurbish and paint your cane conservatory furniture to go the whole hog and replace or recover the cushions.

A beautifully painted cane furniture set with tatty old cushions will ruin the overall look of your conservatory.

Either buy some nice new fabric and have a go at reupholstering the cushions yourself, get someone else to reupholster them, or buy some brand newly fitted cushions.

Whichever option you decide upon, make sure you do it properly.

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