How to Clip Rattan Furniture Together

How to Clip Rattan Furniture Together

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Rattan furniture is one of the most popular types of furniture used in gardens and conservatories but if you want to keep your furniture together you’ll need to know how to secure it.

One of the most common questions is how to clip rattan furniture together?

Rattan furniture clips attach underneath the furniture to the aluminium frame. Clips stop the furniture from moving around and using the clips on the aluminum frame avoids causing any damage to the rattan weave.

What Are Rattan Furniture Clips and Where Can I Buy Them?

Rattan furniture clips are usually made from plastic and come in all shapes and sizes.

Clips are used mainly to help to prevent furniture from moving. This is especially good for modular furniture and helps to stop them from coming apart when people get up or move around.

If you are planning to use your furniture outside, you’ll find that they also prevent furniture from being blown around in bad weather. This is because the more bits are clipped together, the heavier the overall piece of furniture will become.

Many modular furniture supplies will include a couple of clips in the box. If however, you don’t receive any or you’re looking to secure your existing furniture then you can easily buy them online.

Clips come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they are all very similar in the way they work. To help you find some that are perfect for your furniture, simply click here.

What Type of Furniture are Clips used for?

Although furniture clips can be used on many different types of furniture, they are most commonly used with modular rattan furniture.

Modular furniture is one of the most popular styles of furniture to be used in gardens and conservatories throughout the UK. This is because very few gardens and conservatories are the same shape and size.

Modular furniture allows you to use as many or as few pieces of furniture together in a variety of shapes.

If you don’t intend on moving the furniture or altering the shape then clips are a very useful tool to keep them together.

Not only are clips hidden but they are also strong and as they are made from plastic will not damage flooring or the furniture if fitted correctly.

To find out how to clip furniture together, take a look at our step-by-step guide below.

How to Clip Rattan Furniture Together

Clipping furniture together is very easy and takes very little time to do so long as you followed the steps below.

Step 1

As the clips are installed underneath your furniture, the first step is to gain access. Take all the cushions off the furniture and then gently tip it onto its side.

Step 2

When the furniture is on its side, position the furniture so that the bits you wish to join are next to each other.

Step 3

Whilst holding the two pieces of furniture together, Take the clip and gently push the clip over both pieces of furniture. Make sure that you down push the clip too quickly and damage the rattan.

Push the clip until the flat part is pushed right up against the furniture if you do not you may find that the furniture does not sit flat on the floor.

Step 4

Two clips per piece of furniture should be enough, however, if you feel like you need to add any others simply add as many as you wish.

Continue adding clips to other sections of furniture until all of the sections are linked together.

Step 5

Once the clips are secure, turn the furniture back over and enjoy!